Autumn Beauty Tips

Into the early autumn, but also the turn of the season, the skin will always be the impact. With long-term stay in the air-conditioned environment, the moisture in the skin is easily pumped away, easy to dry, allergic, peeling and so on. In addition to using appropriate skin care products, emphasizing the body conditioning is also very important.

Autumn maintenance to “Run” mainly the skin mainly by the lungs, spleen and two dirty water composition. The main fur lung gold; spleen is a kind of soil, mainly limbs muscles. The theory of the Five Elements of TCM has the idea of ​​”indigenous people raising money” to prevent Qiuzao and spleen deficiency can not be ignored. Weekday can eat nutritious, overcast fruit, such as Sydney, persimmons, loquat, strawberry, cough and heat, stomach, lungs and fluid effects. Spicy food and bitter cold diet (such as: 24 kinds of herbal tea, etc.) will hurt the spleen and stomach, causing adverse effects on the skin, so eat less. Autumn can eat “lily yuba sugar”, “kelp green bean syrup,” Lily lungs and cough, yuba can spleen, kelp fever can eliminate phlegm, mung bean detoxification.

Fruits, sweets, masks, soaking herbal bath are the best helpers in the autumn skin care, but before taking a bath should drink a cup of warm water, which is conducive to blood circulation, enhance metabolism, but also to avoid the case of dehydration bath.

Chinese medicine believes that you can burn a Ziyin Runzao soup, materials include: Western medicine four money, Ophiopogon four money, declared the papaya three money, Anemarrhenae three money, lean meat half a catty, big snail, ginger two two. Wash snail slices and put in the remaining herbal pot for two hours to enjoy.
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