The Amazing Mask for dry skin

Chilly, cheeks are always blown red, the surface of the water was taken away, the skin began to become tight and itchy, prone to skin peeling. In the state of dry skin, everyone may wish to make all-natural mask, both effective, fast and no chemical added, this winter is no longer a lack of water!

Homemade natural mask – Peach protein mask
Ingredients: Almonds, peaches, honey, olive oil, egg yolks
Method: Almonds, peaches mashed, and egg yolk and honey and mix thoroughly, add a little olive oil. Coated 2-3 layers, keep 20-30 minutes, wash away with warm water.

Almond has moisturizing cleansing effect, peach kernel has the effect of promoting blood circulation, egg yolk and honey have moisturizing effect

In addition, hot and spicy spicy food, bitter cold type of diet (such as: 24 kinds of herbal tea, etc.) and overeating will hurt the spleen and stomach, adverse skin, should eat less.
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