Heart Attack

Hong Kong people live a rich life with delicious fat and rich arousals. They consume too much sodium salt and lack exercise at the same time. Cardiovascular diseases are prone to problems and tend to be more younger. In general, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, diabetes, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular problems can cause.

To keep your heart healthy, try your best to eat dark chocolate, hawthorn juice, tomato, bitter gourd, celery, jellyfish, seaweed, seaweed, mussels, horseshoes, Sydney, persimmon, etc. to strengthen the cardiovascular system. There are a number of clinical studies have shown that Salvia miltiorrhiza helps heart health, blood circulation, anti-oxidation, dilate blood vessels and other effects, is a good medicine for health care heart.

To strengthen the cardiovascular, physicians may wish to burn a Prunella mussel soup, Prunella clear Anemia, lowering blood pressure effect, black fungus can nourish the spleen and lower blood pressure. The material is simple: Prunella six money, three money mussel, Cassia a twelve, two or four lean meat. The stone Cassia smashed into the soup bag, put together with other materials in the pot, cook for two hours.
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