How to remove Eczema

In traditional Chinese medicine, patients with eczema are generally congenital spleen and stomach type, and excessive diet spicy, shrimp, crabs, seafood and other stimulating fishy food, causing the spleen dysfunction, endogenous heat plus feel wind Xie, so the rheumatic fever each other Stalking, the formation of eczema. In addition, emotional stress hurt the gods and blood so that blood heat Sheng, or heart fire and spleen wet accumulation also have the opportunity to trigger eczema.

If the rule of eczema, it can be cured, regain healthy skin. Clinically proven that traditional Chinese medicine orally, wash, acupuncture plus cupping is the most effective cure eczema. The principle is to trigger the heat accumulation in the body to be ruled out. Depending on the physique of the patient, the method of invigorating the spleen, dampness, promoting blood circulation and clearing up the diarrhea will improve the physique and return the normal function.

Eczema type and diet:
1. damp-heat type: acute onset, skin damage burning, yellow fluid dripping, itching more than common thirst, constipation, short urine red
Dietotherapy: Students Silver Flower water duck soup
Material: students to five money, honeysuckle three money, a duck, lean sixty two
Practice: Teal to internal organs wash, add all materials, add 10 bowls of water, cook for 3 hours

2. Spleen type: the incidence of more slowly, the skin damaged reddish, itchy, poor appetite, mental fatigue, small abdominal distension, thin stool
Diet: soil Poria red bean turtle soup plate
Material: Poria a couple of, red bean two or two, a pair of turtle shell, lean sixty-two
Practices: soil Poria section, along with red bean lean tortoise plate, add 10 bowls of water, cook for 3 hours

3. Blood Deficiency type: Chronic illness, skin damage color dark, very itchy but not fluid yellow or liquid water
Food therapy: Xiaofeng ribs soup
Material: Chuanxiong three money, Angelica three money, students to five money, red peony five money, white skin five money, wind three money, Nepeta three money, honeysuckle three money, ribs eight two
Practice: Wash all herbs along with ribs, add 10 bowls of water, cook for 3 hours

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