TCM to Remove Dampness

The annual Lunar New Year lively atmosphere, every meal, there are also many food and drink accompanied by New Year’s Eve food, unconsciously will eat too much food caused by stomach discomfort, bloating, belching, tingling and other indigestion The situation, referred to as food stagnation.

In general, regardless of stomach heat, stomach cold person will appear indigestion and food stagnation. Stomach hot people often because of sudden over-eating, eating too much, so that the stomach can not afford a large number of food for a moment, leading to indigestion. The stomach cold people are more based on their own spleen and stomach, even if slightly eating, will be due to poor stomach function leading to indigestion.

Hysteresis method

You can eat more porridge to avoid increasing stomach function. Porridge with nourishing vitality, body fluid, Chang Wei gas functions, such as rice, carrot porridge, red bean porridge barley, pearl rice porridge, gods and other rice porridge have disappeared bloating and the effect of chemical lag.
You can drink more Pu’er tea to help eliminate stagnation. Pu’er tea is mild in nature, warm stomach, cellulite to greasy, lower blood pressure, hypolipidemic effect.
The following describes a delay tea for your reference:

Hawthorn except stagnation drink

Ingredients: hawthorn one or two, fried malt five money, fried rice buds five money, Levin service three money
Practice: Wash the material, add six bowls of water, simmer for two hours
Hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation stasis, malt can eliminate rice pasta stagnation, cereal buds can eliminate the flesh lag, Les serving sub-consumer addition to inflation
Acupressure hysteresis method

Tianshu massage (Tianshu acupoints are located in the middle of the navel about two inches each opening, it belongs to the foot Yangming stomach), there is a delay, sparse size intestine, constipation, flatulence and diarrhea effect.

Massage method: supine or sitting, left middle finger pressure on the left Tianshu, right middle finger pressure on the right Tianshu, rubbing ten seconds, rest five seconds, massage one to three minutes to five minutes for the limit, early and late Each time.
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