3 Soups for Detox

Ms. get up in the morning or during the menstrual cycle, see the mirror in his own eyes swollen face will feel annoyed, irritability. In addition, some women are stature, but the face is bulging Bu, this kind of signs is actually very likely with the facial edema.

What is edema and causes?

Chinese medicine believes that edema refers to the body of water pool slipped, pan-skin, causing the head, face, limbs and other edema. The cause is due to dysfunction of the functioning of the three organs of lung, spleen and kidney, and also related to internal and external factors such as dietary habits, unequal nutrition, stress of life and emotional distress.

The female during the physiological cycle, due to blood loss and no timely transfer of qi and blood, easy to form liver and kidney yin deficiency. Liver Kaiqiao in the head, lack of liver Yin, nourish the eyes, and renal water drink, kidney will stop drinking water, but also due to the eye skin is relatively thin, particularly prone to edema phenomenon, the emergence of eyelid edema .

Bid farewell to the bag surface tips

Maintain a balanced diet, reduce the consumption of salt, sugar, strong flavor, MSG or irritating foods, to avoid the accumulation of large amounts of water in the body
More exercise should be done on weekdays to speed up metabolism, reduce water retention, edema have a chance to disappear
Weekdays to drink plenty of water, so that the body cells will not retain too much water to prevent the emergence of edema
To edema massage method

Puffy eyes:

Ring finger Mingzhu with both hands, the middle finger press bearing Weir acupuncture points, according to the pupil Acupoints, gently forced the place to press for 1 minute, then use the middle finger pointing eye Ming hole, down to wipe the weep hole And pupil Acupoints, repeated 30 times.
Eyes clear hole – Head inside the temple slightly above depression
Cheng weep hole – the pupil straight down, and fish waist into a straight line, orbital margin straight down 0.5 inches
Pupil acupoints – next to the paraplegia lateral orbital margin
Aiming at facial edema:

Four hands pressing the sequence of white points, temples, Shimonoseki points, buccal car points, each 20 times, each stay 2 – 3 seconds.
Four white points – eyes straight ahead, the pupil down an inch
Temple – eyebrow outward next to 1 inch depression
Shimonoseki points – ears in front, lower cheekbones bow edge depression
Cheeks pocket – the earlobe the underside, forced to bite the upper and lower teeth, masseter muscle uplift point.
Recommend therapeutic diet

Poria Atractylodes to edema soup

Material: ginger skin three money, Poria five money, Atractylodes four money, Alisma three money, cassia three money, lean meat half a catty or a duck
Practice: Wash all the herbs and lean meat or duck, medium heat for two hours, add salt to taste.
Efficacy: Bufei spleen, dehumidification diuretic, help drainage, removal of edema
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