2 Steps in TCM to Cure Hair Lost Problem

Chinese medicine has the meaning of “making blood for the worse” – adolescent blood is strong, the hair grows densely black and bright, but the pressure of urban life, mental status is long-term rapid, tense levels, coupled with eating disorders, long-term overdose The use of styling foam and hair dye and other chemicals, hair follicles damage the health of a variety of hair sparse phenomena such as ghost shaving, seborrheic alopecia, weak hair loss and hormonal imbalance hair loss.

Weekday addition to eating kelp, seaweed, fish, eggs, soy foods, Chinese medicine diet can also improve the overall body qi or liver and kidney loss, so that the hair back to healthy growth. Combined with acupuncture therapy, to stimulate acupuncture points, effectively promote blood circulation, adjust hair growth cycle, hair follicles regeneration.

Chinese medicine practitioners also recommend the following diet, for different causes and types, to improve hair loss problems

Female lack of blood type hair loss
Diet: Angelica black bean soup
Ingredients: Rehmannia five money, Angelica three money, red peony five money, Chuanxiong three money, psoralen three money, black beans five money, lean meat four two
Practices: soaked black beans into the rest of herbs overnight, simmer for three hours, add a little salt to taste.

Male liver and kidney loss type hair loss, weak hair loss and juvenile white hair
Diet: meat calm black bean dip wine
Ingredients: black beans pound, psoralen, fleece-flower root, meat calm, Angelica, Achyranthes, Poria, Dodder, wolfberry one or two, Yuanzhi five money, black glutinous rice wine three pounds
Practice: soaked black beans overnight, the herbs into the bag, simmer for two hours, and then black beans into the black glutinous rice wine, seal seven days, eat 10 to 20 tablets.
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