3 Soups for Detox

Spleen and kidney are the main causes of edema; nutritional imbalance, stress, emotional distress and other internal and external factors can cause edema. Do not mistakenly drink less water will not have the appearance of edema, lack of water but will make the body cells to retain more water, causing cell edema. In normal circumstances, a balanced diet, try to eat less salt, strong flavor, MSG and other stimulating food, or body easily accumulate large amounts of water, in order to reduce water accumulation, weekday should do more exercise to speed up metabolism, edema There will be a chance to disappear.

Carp red bean soup
Suitable for: spleen deficiency – loss of appetite, shortness of urination, limbs tired Material: carp 1, red bean 32, Fen GE pound, Atractylodes three money (irritability thirst can add Rhizoma Imperatae) Method: 8 bowls Water together with the material to boil the fire, add carp turn slow cooker about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Efficacy: spleen Qushi, Lee swelling water

Raw bonito bean soup
Suitable for: spleen and kidney deficiency – systemic edema, head and face, mental fatigue, loose stool, abdominal distension stuffy stuff: raw mackerel 1, red bean biscuits, Poria five money, raw and cooked barley each one or two, cucumber A, dried tangerine peel, candied four practices: 8 bowls of water together with the material to boil, add raw bonito slow fire cooker about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Efficacy: diuresis Shenshi, kidney spleen

Curculigo lantern mutton soup
Suitable for: deficiency of kidney-yang – body edema, particularly severe lower extremities, accompanied by waist soreness, Shenpi chills chills Material: Coix five money, melon skin five money, white radish one or two, lamb pound, onion, ginger, garlic The right amount of practice: Wash the lamb slices, boil cooked with white radish, add Curculion, melon skin cook for thirty minutes, and then add onions, ginger, garlic, pepper seasoning. Efficacy: Wenshen impotence, dispelling cold and dampness

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