Eczema I

What is eczema?

Eczema is one of the most common skin diseases in Hong Kong. Infants and elders, or elders of all ages, have the opportunity to suffer from eczema. Patients are more common in infants or children. Eczema is called “wet poison sore” in Chinese medicine. “Wet” is the result of wet-resistance caused by the deterioration of the functions of the five internal organs of the body. “Poisonous” means that some toxic heat causes the body to produce a sensitive reaction.

What are the symptoms of eczema?

Can be born in any part of the body, such as ear, head, face, hand, umbilical, calf and other places
Itchy skin
Was dry, red and swollen
Itching often causes rotten skin elk blisters rupture, exudation sore liquid, and even rich
Scab, scaling
When eczema recurrent, the affected area will become thicker skin, rough, the texture of the skin has become very obvious

Why the skin will appear eczema?

The causes of eczema can be divided into two kinds of internal and external factors. Internal factors can directly induce eczema, and external factors will make the symptoms worse.

Internal factors:

Congenital spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach can not be transformed into excessive food caused by accumulation of phlegm
Excessive consumption of cold and frozen, fried fatty food caused spleen possession of the operation
Due to emotional stress hurt the gods and blood so that blood heat Sheng Sheng, or heart fire and spleen wet accumulation cause disease
External factor:
Long-term residence in low-lying places
Often wet body wading
Long-term dependence on inhibitory drugs
Eczema patients are divided into what type?

Hot and humid type (acute eczema)
Acute onset, the skin damaged burning, yellow fluid dripping, itching more than common thirst, constipation, short urine red
Spleen type (subacute eczema)
Slow onset, the skin damaged reddish, itchy water, poor appetite, mental fatigue, small abdominal distension, thin stool
Blood deficiency type (chronic eczema)
Chronic illness, skin damage color dark, very itchy but does not flow yellow liquid or fluid
Can eczema end up in traditional Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine orally, wash, acupuncture plus cupping, clinically proven to be the most effective cure eczema. The principle is to trigger the heat accumulation in the body to be ruled out. Depending on the physique of the patient, the method of invigorating the spleen, dampness, promoting blood circulation and clearing up the diarrhea will improve the physique and return the normal function.

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