Hand & Foot Cold Problem

Chinese medicine, cold and hand and foot are called “Jueleng”, that is, the body is not followed by yin and yang, do not follow the usual way, resulting in lack of blood gas, blood circulation slows down. In the winter wear enough warm clothing is still hand, foot and cold, that is, hands and feet cold.

In general, this phenomenon is more common in women and the elderly. Women have a menstrual cycle every month, menstrual blood loss, impede blood circulation, after conditioning will make women have blood deficiency phenomenon. Older people due to dysfunction of the internal organs, the blood pump out from the heart slowly, it will make the blood circulation is not fast enough to make hand, foot and warm enough.

Qi and blood deficiency or spleen and kidney yang metabolism, poor circulation, these two types of chills, cold limbs.
For qi deficiency or spleen and kidney yang appear cold hands and feet, may refer to the following diet.

Qi weakness – dizziness, less gas lazy words, chills, cold hands and feet
Food therapy: old pigeon soup
Ingredients: Codonopsis five money, Astragalus five money, Chuanxiong three money, Angelica three money, Poria five money, Atractylodes four money, white peony five money, jujube four, old two
Practices: Wash old pigeons, jujube to the core, the material washed into the pot, simmer for 2 hours.
Efficacy: Bu Zhong Yi Qi, blood and blood

Spleen and kidney yang – pale, waist and knee cold pain, diarrhea, chills, cold hands and feet
Diet: flavored lean meat soup
Ingredients: psoralen three money, eight dollars of Astragalus, Schisandra three money, Atractylodes four money, four money Yam, nutmeg two money, half a catty of lean meat
Practices: Lean water, the material washed into the pot, simmer for 2 hours.
Efficacy: spleen and kidney, warm in the line, nourishing the kidney diarrhea

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