A considerable number of urban cases such as: hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, depression and other diseases are due to mental stress and emotional stress caused. Mental stress is not only related to the personality and personality of individuals, many times the living environment, the working environment is the biggest incentive. These environmental pressures can come from work, family, emotion, money, social, living environment, students with homework, exams or parental aspirations.

To eliminate tension and anxiety, you can punch a cup of meatballs, round meat Soothing decompression, tonic heart. Together with different tea up to reconcile and enhance the effect of decompression, for example:

Round meat plus daisy – clear anger, express slow intraocular pressure
Round meat plus roses – soothing flatulence, pain
Round meat plus flowers – to improve sleep
Round meat plus inlay – relieve cramps and vomiting caused by anxiety

In addition to simple tea soothing anxiety, Chinese medicine practitioners also recommend the following daily diet – Chaihu Shugan Tang, Shugan Jieyu, make up the heart and soothe the nerves.

Material: Bupleurum three money, white peony five money, wheat five money, jujube six, dried tangerine peach money, incense with three money, Chuanxiong three money, licorice two, lean four four
Practice: Wash all materials, add 8 bowls of water, simmer for three hours
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