Summer beauty: Says goodbye to dull skin

Summer has arrived, how to keep the skin white and slippery state? Often dark circles and facial swelling and other problems plagued? Chinese medicine has the meaning of “five colored shapes on the outside, five internal organs should be inside, and sickness must have color,” so the complexion can reflect the degree of physical well-being and is greatly linked to insufficient blood and viscera. In addition to acupuncture to clear the meridians and promote metabolism and traditional Chinese medicine to regulate viscera, the beauty of the United States, but also in the therapeutic aspects, to improve skin luster and complexion, restore skin elasticity.

In fact, there are many ingredients in the beauty have significant effects, for example: Huaiyao medicine can restore the skin luster, black fungus to dark circles, jujube can make the face rosy, wolfberry can eyesight, lilac to spot whitening and many more. In addition to the above simple ingredients, ladies can also refer to the following facial soup, to improve the look

Spotting whitening soup Efficacy:

to promote blood circulation, spot whitening Ingredients: Beansan five money, heterophylla five money, lily three money, lotus seeds one or two, yam three money, jujube three, half a catty approach: Wash all the ingredients and lean meat with eight bowls of water for one hour

Yang Yan nourishing soup efficacy:

to improve the face edema, dark circles problem materials: Yuzhu five money, mulberry white five money, wolfberry six money, raw barley twelve, jujube four (to the nuclear), a practice of raw fish Net to the scales, with ginger until yellow, and other herbs into the pot, simmer for four hours, even with soup residue eat

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