TCM to Cure “50 shoulders”

“Fifty Shoulders” is the shoulder around the inflammation, referred to as frozen shoulder. Chinese medicine, also known as fifty frozen shoulders, frozen shoulder, drain shoulder wind.

The reason is mostly around the shoulder joint tendon inflammation, shoulder joint capsule inflammation, shoulder cartilage hyperplasia or oblique ligament inflammation. When the disease occurs, the shoulder joint will feel pain and obstruction of movement, such as upwards feel difficult, can not lift heavy objects, or even the hand can not stretch back, even when serious, even when wearing clothes, such as pain.

Fifty Shoulders in TCM belong to the category of “Arthralgia Syndrome.” The main cause of invasion of the shoulder joint by wind, cold, wet and hot evil causes the meridian blockage, poor blood gas circulation and pain caused by accumulation of blood stasis. Symptoms are painful at the beginning, followed by difficulty in lifting or turning back.

Genesis can be divided into “internal” and “external”
Internal factors are mostly older, physically weak, liver and kidney deficiency and Qi and blood, while the external causes are chronic strain and feel cold dampness evil.

Chinese medicine practitioners recommend the following diet, conditioning different arthralgia:

“Pain paralysis” – Shoulder joint touch when there is a pain, pain fixed, more pain in the cold wind hit
Diet: Pueraria Guizhi soup
Ingredients: Pueraria five money, peony four money, Achyranthes five money, Guizhi three money, a dry bonito, a chicken
Practices: Wash chicken skin peeled, dried anchovy with water immersed soft-cut pieces, all herbs washed together with a pot for two hours

“Bi Bi” – Shoulder soreness heavy, after the extension of flexion and extension of the barrier
Diet: Barley barley soup
Ingredients: white clam three money, raw barley twelve, two aconite money, four ginger, Achyranthes three money, lean meat four two
Practice: Wash all the herbs together with lean meat in pot for two hours
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