TCM to Moisture Your Eyes

Chinese medicine has the saying that “the liver is open to the eye”. On the one hand, the eye is connected to the liver. On the other hand, the visual function and health of the eye depend on the nourishment of liver blood.

Eyes astringent on behalf of tired eyes, and the reasons for the eye tired and tear secretion are generally related, such as prolonged use of computers, reading books, watching television, resulting in overuse, is a major cause of eye fatigue, as well as avoid glare, High temperature stimulation. The lack of secretion of tears because of liver blood can not Ruyu in the eyes, which triggered.

Daily drink more water moisturize the liver, drink less coffee and tea, because the body will make the rapid evaporation of water, the eyes and therefore more likely to dry.

Chinese medicine diet recommended by the eyesight:
1. “Qi Zi pig liver soup” – heat, eliminate astringent, eliminate the dark circles caused by staying up late
Material: medlar 1 two, liver 1 (wash with water fork)
Practice: Wash the material, with 5-8 bowl water 45 minutes, you can drink. 1 – 2 times a week

2. “Flower tea” – cured dry, so bright eyes
Material: medlar 5 money, chrysanthemum 2 money, a little Pu’er
Practice: Wash the material to brew with hot water. Many times a week

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