TCM to Remove Dampness

From a Chinese perspective, “wet” has internal and external points. External wetness is caused by the outside world, for example: humid weather, water and rain, etc., and “internal wetness” refers to the accumulation of moisture in the body. Mostly due to improper diet, addicted to eating cold and greasy, resulting in spleen loss of health transport, transport of water Wet dysfunction caused. When too much wet trapped in the body, there will be systemic or local edema, head and weight, limbs sour, stool sticky or thin and unpleasant, severe cases can even cause a variety of skin diseases – eczema. Most Hong Kong people work relatively busy, can be simply “Huoxiang Peilan tea”, help dampness. Material: fresh patchouli five money, fresh Pui Lan five money, fresh mint two money practices: Wash the material, with boiling water for five minutes, you can drink. Qu daze is a temporary solution, to cure the need to “spleen”, Chinese medicine practitioners also recommend the following spleen soup: lentils lean meat soup material: white beans five money, raw barley eight money, yam four money, lotus pounds, Practice: 8 bowls of water together with the material to boil the fire, cook about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Efficacy: spleen dampness

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