Allergic Rhinitis

Nasal allergy, also known as “allergic rhinitis”, can not only lead to nasal allergies but also cause lung allergies. In the perspective of the Chinese medicine practitioners, lung weakness, unsmoothness and obstruction of breath lead to adverse gas flow and block the nasal passages. Nasal itching, sneezing and runny nose.

Chinese medicine mainly divided the patients with nasal allergies into two types of “Hyperactivity” and “Lung Deficiency”:
1. Hyperactivity:
Xixiang afraid of heat, light weight when the nasal congestion, but the nasal mucosa obvious congestion, darker color. Not much nose but yellow and yellow viscous, easy to constipation, dry mouth often want water. Daily should eat more heat effects of food, bitter gourd, bean sprouts, Sydney, dwarf and so on

2. lung deficiency who:
Frequent episodes of cold weather, snub thin, hi heat cold, limbs frozen. In addition to the treatment of lung deficiency outside the lungs, but also to regulate the spleen and stomach, medicine is called gold, lung is gold, and spleen is soil. Daily should eat spleen and lung tonic food, such as lung, yam, Codonopsis, Polygonatum, lotus seeds, Cordyceps sinensis.

Hyperactivity and lung deficiency diet:
1. Hyperactivity diet: mulberry chrysanthemum tea
Material: mulberry three money, chrysanthemum three money, honeysuckle three money, mint a money
Practice: mulberry mint rinse, add boiling water soak for five minutes, coupled with honey that is, can be used daily for tea.

2. Lung diet: Xinyi ginseng lean meat soup
Materials: Codonopsis three money, lotus five money, three money yam, three money Astragalus, magnolia three money, ginger three, light blue three, lean four four
Practices: Wash lotus heart, together with herbs lean water simmer for 2-3 hours.

In addition to medicated diet, combined with external treatment such as acupuncture can effectively improve and cure the disease.


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