Turnover season, poor air quality, asthma, tracheal sensitivity are particularly vulnerable to attack, causing cough.

Chinese medicine has called “wheezing and treating lungs and relieving kidney”, so asthma is mainly found in the lungs and kidneys. The reason is that the trachea is sensitive for a long time and the unhealed flu sometimes leaves the evils in the lungs, obstructing the lungs, lungs can not be exasperated, and the bronchi is sensitive and becomes stenotic, the sputum and secretions accumulate. Breathing difficulties and cough, mouth breathing and so on.

There are true and false asthma points, “true” asthma refers to congenital deficiency, acquired disorders, or genetic sensitive physical, parent or mother with asthma, nasal allergies, these types of patients more difficult to cure. “Fake” asthma refers to the body organs dysfunction, complex exosdme, gas barrier inverse, and cause asthmatic bronchitis.

Both real and fake asthma should improve their own immunity on weekdays, such as exercise, water bath and swimming is a treatment of asthma, the best choice. The food to take a lot of antioxidants such as garlic, onions, spinach, carrots, soybeans, oats and so on.

Chinese medicine practitioners recommend the following Diet, especially for Deficiency type of persons, namely shortness of breath, fear of cold, susceptible to cold, when the weather turns cooler prone to drinking, with phlegm cough, asthma diuretic effect.

Ephedra almond tofu soup (1-2 servings)
Material: North almond 3 money, raw ephedra 2 money, 1 kg of tofu
Practices: First, the North almonds and raw ephedra into the bag, and then with tofu and 4 bowls of water into the sand litter pot for one hour, remove the bag of drinking soup, tofu can eat, daily morning and evening time.

North almond – phlegm cough, asthma intestines
Health ephedra – asthma sweating water

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