Autumn Skin Care Tips

Maintain the autumn Run to Run, the skin mainly by the lungs, spleen two dirty moisten, lung is gold, the main fur, spleen is the soil, the main limb muscles, the Chinese medicine practitioners say there are earth-care gold said, so skin care, the spleen is not Can be ignored.

Simple soup:

Dietotherapy: soothing beauty soup
Ingredients: Codonopsis five money, longan meat three money, Angelica three money, Cistanche three money, Polygonatum five money, jujube three, a black-bone chicken.
Practice: Wash all the materials put in the pot, 10 bowls of water to save 2 bowls.

Codonopsis – Buzhong Qi
Longan meat – tonic heart and spleen
Angelica – blood and blood
Cistanche – kidney help Yang
Huang Jing – qi and Yin
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