Stress Relieving

Hong Kong people are experiencing rapid economic growth and are going to be “fast-moving”. They can easily create pressure on work, family, money and social issues. However, the pressure of work is even greater in the world.

Chinese medicine has said: “anger liver injury, thinking hurt the spleen,” means that long-term pressure will not damage the Liver sparse, affecting the spleen transport function, leading to the main god of the dysfunction, triggering many diseases. Under various emotional stress, lightness can lead to irritability, nervousness, palpitation, headache, insomnia, constipation; while heaviness can produce hallucinations, autism and even suicidal tendencies.

To relieve various stresses, a cup of bergamot rose tea can be infused. The rose can relieve the bloating and aching pain. Only the bergamot and roses cost five money. Wash the materials in a cup, add boiling water, Water drinking, you can Shugan Qi, blood circulation, go to the spot beauty, we all fast Kui test it!

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