Black Fungus

According to the records of “Book of Rites” and Zheng Xuan of Han scholar, as well as Chen Hao’s “Book of Rites” of the Song Dynasty, they all proved that black fungus is the exclusive product of the emperors in ancient times, and has the reputation of “being the best of the best.” Black fungus, also known as “Sang Er”, “black dish”, ancient times, “five fungus.” Sexual, sweet, light. As early as the Tang Dynasty, there were records about cultivation and consumption of black fungus. The ancients not only treated it as food, but also used it as medicine. Tang Materia Medica recorded that “mulberry” (black fungus) can cure the disease. With Qi Bugan, lungs Sheng Jin, Ziyin Yangwei, blood and blood, Lee five internal organs, eliminate hemorrhoids and other effects. Black fungus is low in calories and nutritious gummy mushrooms, contains plant protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B2, pectin, the cellulose can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help defecation.

Vitamin B2 content is rice, noodles and cabbage 10 times
Vitamin B2 content than pigs, cattle, lamb 3 to 5 times higher
Iron 100 times higher than meat
The calcium content is 30 – 70 times that of meat.

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