Poria: mainly produced in Yunnan, also known as Yun Ling. Poria, white fungus spleen osmosis, red Poria cocos long longer than the heat dampness, and Poria skin treatment of the skin wet, diuresis swelling, embracing pine needles Poria Also known as Fu Shen, there is restlessness and soothing effect.

This product for the benefit of infiltration of the goods, different compatibility, different efficacy, can make up to diarrhea, and invigorating the drug with the use of the spleen, and diuretics with the same wetting, for example

Poria with Atractylodes – can strengthen the spleen moisture permeability

Poria with Guizhi – can asthma asthma Qi sputum

Poria with Alisma – Lee urine, eliminate edema

Poria with Codonopsis – treatment of the spleen and stomach

Poria with yam – for diarrhea spleen, cough and phlegm

Yunling Atractylodes carp soup (two servings)

Material: Poria a 両, Atractylodes five money, five money yam, dried tangerine peel a small piece of ginger two, about a pound of carp

Practice: Eight bowls of water together with the material to boil the fire, add the carp turn slow cooker about an hour and thirty minutes to drink.
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