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Japanese Akatsuki enzyme

Japanese Akatsuki enzyme

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Japanese Akatsuki enzyme

More than 50 years of history. Won several Japanese national patents to improve immunity. anti aging. Protect liver and detoxify. Improve constipation

source of human vitality
Source of Vitality

Choose quality ingredients carefully

Xiaozhi strictly uses 36 kinds of natural raw materials, including fresh vegetables, fruits, seaweeds, wild grasses, grains, etc. It uses unique technology to ferment, brew, and process to create a pure plant-based complex essence product that is carefully cultivated. Rich in balanced vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients.

main raw materials

Vegetables: cucumber, cabbage, carrot, radish, lotus root, pumpkin, potato, sweet potato, tomato, eggplant, corn, adzuki bean, soybean, spinach, Chinese cabbage, pea, rice, wheat, ginger, barley, fruit apple, pear, Watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, peach, lemon, fig, orange, persimmon seaweed seaweed, kelp wild plant mugwort, horsetail, mountain white bamboo and other plum extracts

Nature’s treasure trove

Akatsuki enzyme is imported from Japan. It uses fresh fruits and vegetables cultivated in Kyushu's fertile soil, fresh air, pure water and sufficient sunshine as raw materials. It also extracts well water 60 meters underground to clean the raw materials. It is fermented with fresh air and maintained throughout the process. Naturally pure, far away from chemicals, it is definitely a high-quality plant-based enzyme.


  • Promote metabolism and promote blood circulation
  • Remove waste accumulated in blood vessels and aid digestion and absorption
  • Enhance physical fitness and improve immunity
  • Activate cells and promote the renewal of injured cells
  • Regulate the body’s pH balance
  • Nourishing and whitening skin
  • Improve various oral inflammations

Recommended dosage

Use the small cup included in the box and drink one cup a day, or dilute it 4-5 times with water. The taste will be better after refrigeration.
Preservation method: Avoid direct sunlight, please store in a dry and cool place, refrigerate after opening, and drink as soon as possible.

Enzyme Decoding

Human beings continue to generate material materials necessary to sustain life every day to replace obsolete materials. The food we eat is digested and absorbed in the body, forming bones, blood and muscles to produce energy. At the same time, unnecessary waste is excreted from the body. These life activities are metabolic activities. The substances that play an important role in metabolism are called "enzymes" or their scientific name is "enzymes". There are about 3,000 kinds of metabolic enzymes in humans, and the human body also needs more than 3,000 enzymes to participate in human metabolism. Most enzymes are made of proteins, and each enzyme has only one function. Enzymes will decompose starch into glucose, fat into fatty acids, and protein into amino acids. Only these nutrients can be absorbed and utilized by cells. All human functional activities must be driven by enzymes. Therefore, without enzymes, there would be no life. .

How to supplement enzymes

Human enzyme storage is proportional to energy. As age increases, enzymes will gradually decrease. When the amount is too low to meet metabolic needs, the body will be unable to maintain life. When people suffer from diseases, enzymes are consumed faster than when they are healthy. If you want to speed up the recovery of the disease, supplementing enzymes is definitely helpful. Enzymes can be taken from raw food. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits. Chinese people are accustomed to cooking food, and the heat of cooking will destroy enzymes. Therefore, drinking natural enzyme foods is now a popular trend for health care.

Recommended for people taking enzymes

  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • cold hands and feet
  • Loss of appetite
  • menopausal syndrome
  • anemia and hypotension
  • Women's menstrual pain
  • stomachache
  • the Hangover
  • often catch a cold
  • Fatigue easily
  • rough skin
  • Allergy
  • Athlete's foot patients
  • before and after surgery
  • vegetarian
  • People with low immunity and frail health
  • Those who do not consume enough vegetables
  • Love meat, have a partial eclipse, and often eat out
  • Too much alcohol and tobacco

Manufacturing process

  • Cleaning raw materials (36 types of raw materials are cleaned with natural groundwater 60 meters deep underground)
  • Load the raw materials (use 50-year-old fir barrels for fermentation. In order to prevent the nutrients from being destroyed, try not to cut the raw materials with a knife)
  • Add wild yeast
  • Extract the original liquid (extract the essence through a special soaking and pressing technique without destroying the nutrients)
  • fermentation
  • Filter the original solution
  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Put the original solution into the bottle
  • Package

Country of Origin: Japan

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