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MEDICOX Nanoque Precious Placenta Mask

MEDICOX Nanoque Precious Placenta Mask

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MEDICOX Pure Regenerative Sheep Placenta Mask extracts powerful Swiss sheep embryo live cell essence and uses refining technology to extract and maintain cell function activation, giving the ultimate effect. It can increase the quality and quantity of collagen, repair fine lines and loose skin, inject youthful vitality into your skin, and reveal youthful, soft and beautiful skin. Especially suitable for mature skin.


  • Improve skin texture and overall appearance
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Restore skin elasticity
  • Reduce fine wrinkles on the face and make the skin smooth and tender
  • Whitening, moisturizing and rejuvenating
  • Moisturize and prevent skin aging
  • Prevent melanin from depositing and forming spots

Product attributes

Detailed introduction


After cleansing, apply the regenerating mask on your face for 15 to 20 minutes, take off the mask and massage gently until the essence is completely absorbed by the skin (it is recommended to use it twice a week)

Main ingredients

Swiss Sheep Placenta Essence


3 slices



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